Ellen Benson as Artist-in-Community Residence at Travellers Aid, is proudly supported by the City of Melbourne through the Community Cultural Development Program.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Residency Update: Tues 12 June

Our network is constantly extending with A Community-Arts Veteran, Phil Driver jumping on board to get involved with the 'Traverse' Skill-Exchange Workshop Project. I am meeting a contact from one of our partner groups tomorrow to hand over a survey I have compiled for potential workshop candidates as well as to obtain information from relevant individuals as well as welfare and arts industry contacts. There has been a significant amount of talk and interest from potential arts/humanities volunteers, potential candidates, our staff, Travellers Aid regulars and members of the general public who have caught wind of my residency.

We are very excited about the current works we have received for our Travellers Aid Contemporary Art Folio and I am constantly seeking and happy to receive submissions of artwork from more contemporary artists.

I am in the process of compiling a budget for a large-scale Skill-Exchange series of workshops as well as exhibition. I am also in the process of seeking funding and sponsorship to bring the project to fruition. Alot of necessary dry paperwork and hair pulling - but the project will be extremely rewarding for all involved which keeps me and the anticipating people involved enthusiastic!

If you would like more information on my Artist-in-Community Residency or about getting involved in the potential Skill-Exchange Workshops/Expo either by volunteering your time, participating in workshops, sponsoring either via advertising, food or art supplies please email me:

I am also making relevant installation work and preparing for my collaboration with local emerging contemporary artist Rebecca Delange. Click on 'Traverse' installation itinery label for related imagery/concept as well as the 'Rebecca Delange'and 'Ellen Benson' labels.

Making Headway,

Ellen Benson
(Travellers Aid Artist-in-Community Residence)

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